Where I Want To Be



I want to be 

In a place 

Where I can be me 

With peace and serenity 

And a smile on my face 

The type that would be hard to remove 

Or even replace 

Because where I am now 

I have become accustomed to 

Resting and relaxing 

And thinking of nothing else 

But just this 

To clear my mind of it all 

And just simply exist here 

Spending much needed time 

With myself and holding it most dear 

Enjoying the environment around 

And the tranquil atmosphere 

Seeing the waters  

That gleam and shine 

And being quite fine 

All while displaying my reflection 

And doing so with ease 

Despite my dark complexion 

Owning these moments 

As I turn in every direction 

As I’m present here 

No cause for concern or fear 

And just taking in this place 

As it appears 

Yet being so near 

And as far as my eyes can see 

For this is my favorite in this moment 

And the one place where 

I want to be 


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