I Drop Bombs



The poetical bomber 

That flies through 

And drops poetry 

Time and time again 

And more than a few 

Within eyesight and range 

And in plain view 

Many written and penned 

From me to all of you 

Spreading them everywhere 

As everyplace is a target 

Dropping poetry 

That no one will soon forget 

And at times 

Dropping multiple at one time 

All in one line 

While always on my poetic grind 

Explosive poetry 

As many will find 

With many words trapped 

Inside of my mind 

Grabbing the pen and paper 

Each and every time 

As poetry  

Allows me 

To unwind 

And rewind 

Increase and repeat 

And what a treat 

Never a defeat 

Sharing all over 

So very little that are discreet 

Setting off alarms 

Both cold and warm 

Fiery poetry 

So, you have been warned 

For they are on their way 

Both night and day 

Every angle and direction 

And come what may 

Breaching and reaching 

As I would say 

With a mission 

And intention 

With every poetical invention 

And artistic rendition 

Aiming to light up the world 

And not to mention 

Dropping words and lines 

Poetic vibes 

Lyrical and lethal rhymes 

Time after time 

Leaving the ground behind 

And taking to the skies 

Being aerial based 

In every case 

Lighting up lands 

In every single case 

Straight laced 

Unique and meant to come 

Face to face 

No matter the culture or race 

And becoming the literary shock wave 

That the poetry world 

Will succumb to 

No crawling or walking 

But get up and run 

When you see this poetry come 

And going beyond 

For I am a poet 

That will forever 

Drop bombs 


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