Floetic (Part 3)


For it took a while 
To establish my style 
As I hope that it and me 
Will cause many smiles 
For miles 
And inject hope 
While stacking in piles 
Speak what I spoke 
Write what I wrote 
And being the poetical antidote 
Both classy and dope 
And for my poetic pieces 
That increases and releases
To be forever magnetic 
Imbued and endowed with electricity 
Both inside and outside of me 
And might as well be 
Pure poetic energy
Moving at light speed 
With a unique and magnifique
Blend and brand of artistic  
Intrinsic mixed with the simplistic 
A scorching fire attached to 
The minimalistic 
With a spoken and written aesthetic 
And an original form of my own 
I like to call floetic 




Poetry is an art 

That goes beyond the poetic 

And has allowed me  

To be and see 

In ways that is polarizing 

As my poetic style 

Has become so magnetic 

Enticing and enlightening 

Motivating and exciting 

For I was hit long ago 

With a bolt of poetic lightning 


That with constant poetic grinding 

Siding with and enjoy unwinding with 

Poetry written and seen 

As well as spoken from lips 

With a constant brewing 

Inside that is unseen 

But magnifies and displays 

Outside of me 

Each hour of everyday 

A steady burning fire and light 

In the wee hours of the night 

For my style is floetic 

Ever so poetic 

Being very electric 

Enhancing the aesthetic 

Never once regretted it 

Consistently magnetic 

Absorbing the kinetic 

For when poetry calls me 

I will always let it 

Take me to unknown places 

Upon varying degrees 

A much-wanted journey 

And traveling beyond 

The norm and being a poetic storm 

As my very thoughts 

Become written and formed 

As I adorn 

All of its splendor and complexities 

A literary universe and world 

That has just engulfed me 

With lyrical energy 

And just let it be 

Because this is me 

And poetry 

Forever it seems 

And all the artistic in between 

The realism and enthusiasm 

That has compiled and reached my dreams 

Harnessing synergy 

And releasing fiery poetry 

For the whole world to see 

And read 

Experience and be 

A long-lasting memory 

Gliding on poetical wings 

That deem to take me much higher 

With a residual fire 

The igniter 

And moving well beyond 

The gravity and 

From what is seen 

For I am 

A lean and mean 

Poetical machine 

Light always on green 

And no stopping me 

Or slowing me down 

And always standing my ground 

Poetry by the pound 

And measured in metric tons 

As I dawn 

The poetic sword and shield 

With poetical armor built in 

And lies in between 

Aiming to be 

A poet of the likes 

Which the world has never seen 





With an original style and poise 

That always lights up and brings the noise 

And forever poetic 

For this is the finale

Of the poems entitled 



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