Floetic (Part 2)



Forever continuing  

My poetic style 

That once again I like to call 



Being so magnetic 

Never hectic 

Smooth and electric 

Reading a unique aesthetic 

Flowing like water 

And should be called floetry 

Pulling and enticing 

While crossing many borders 

The cake with icing 

And not once do I regret it 

Writing poetry with such essence 

For it’s the type and kind 

That most once forget it 

Moving and harnessing 

The kinetic 

Always being energetic 

Imbued with and exhibiting 

Poetic magnetism 

But never will my works 

Cause a cataclysm 

Just imagination and realism 

Mixed and blended in 

With poeticism 

That calls 

Won’t fall 

Down for the cause 

Won’t ever pause 

Captivates and gravitates 

To not just one but all 

Yet always cavitates 

And aiming to be great 

Never too late 

Exudes and proves 

The enthralled 

Soothes and grooves 

While traveling down each and every hall 

Breaking down barriers and walls 

As poetry and I 

Continue to draw 

On so much synergy 

And limitless energy 

Bearing and sharing this art 

Is how it was meant to be 

For poetry 

Will be 

The life and death of me 

As I 



To feed the very literary need 

Lyrical greed 

For poetry is the root 

And I am the tree 

Yet giving it all 

That I can give 

As long as I live 

For with poetry 

It is all relative 

Being a poetic magnet 

And poetry 

Is not through with me yet 

As I’ve embraced  

This artistic sector 

For poetry is the vector 

And the natural selector

The connector 

That attracts and appeals 

To the poetic minds 

With power seen and felt 

Through many words and lines 

Pulling but never repelling 

Poetic vibes 

And just something that I 

Cannot hide 

For poetry resides 

With a fire inside 

And scorches the outside 

Entices my mind 

Yet never slips my mind 

Each and every time 

And on my poetic grind 

Word for word 

Line by line 

As I combine 

Dedication and admiration 

To this art form 

And becoming more and more 

Of an anomaly 

As I ride this poetic storm 

For poetry I adore 

And will write and write 

Some more 

The window and door 

Hear and feel my poetic roar 

Never a burden or bore 

But the fire to my grill 

And causing a magnetic field 

With much curve and poetic appeal 

For my poetical fate has been sealed 

As this always gets revealed 

And with me always 

So, nothing that no one can steal 

As I love every rendition 

For me and poetry 

Assume the radical and critical position 

For this is always the mission 

And not once do I regret it 

For me and poetry just get it 

Being so magnetic 

Never hectic 

Smooth and electric 

Reading and being 

A unique aesthetic 

That most once forget it 

Forever continuing  

My poetic style 

That I will always call 




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