The style of my poetry 

I often call it floetic 

Being electric 

And magnetic 

An interesting and unique aesthetic 

Gathering and harnessing energy 

Due to being kinetic 

With a poetic flow 

That just goes 

And rolls 

As it suppose 

And was meant to be 

Steadily and readily 

Moving up the mountain 

For all to see 

Becoming exposed 

I don’t freeze or become froze 

And who knows 

Just where my artwork 

And its many directions 

Will continue to go 

As I and poetry 

Allow this to be so 

Flowing like water 

And with a unique style and order 

Having every intention 

Of crossing many boundaries and borders 

Without limitation 

Without hesitation 

With much admiration 

And much dedication 

With a fire so dire 

That continues to take me higher 

As each day I aspire 

To and admire 

This art form 

And what it represents 

That sometimes goes outside 

And beyond regular norms 

Being the very storm 

And the wind 

From beginning to end 

Only to win 

With a grin 

And will continue on 

Well after me 

And even more so then 

Never hectic 

I respect it 

I face it 

I live it 

I breathe it 

I sleep it 

Wake up to this 

I wear it 

I write this 

I speak this 

I can’t resist 

For I must persist 

And I just can’t help this 

Moving a mile, a minute 

Being electric 

And magnetic 


With every lyric 

So poetic 

For my style of poetry is 



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