A Brush Of Reality

Intro: (A bit long but bare with me as I express my concerns)

This is a piece that I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time. As this often crosses my heart and mind. Because not enough of us know what life for some people truly consist of. And just thinking and believing that everything is just fine. When this alone couldn’t be further from the truth. For there are people everywhere going through extremely hard times and even hurts for them to just smile. People all over this world and every single nation, that are living horribly and most just go on with their lives and could care less as long as this never visits their lives or doorstep. Some have witnessed this taking place while others have not, but either way this doesn’t negate the fact that this has and does exist. And when will we as people actually take the time and face this ongoing reality and calamity? Only thinking of self and nothing else. As long as this continues, none of us will ever get any further than where we all are right now.




Life sometimes

Can seem too much

Just trying to live

And go about the day as such

Everyone just going along

And being in their own world

With very little space

As many have seen

That this is the case

Plagued by race relations

Nor can relay or persuade

That true humanity

Has been missing

And leaving many indications

From the lack of good intentions

Some ups

Some downs

With smiles

And frowns

The foolish and clowns

The classy and profound

But there are certain times

In this life

That we get a dose of reality

Shattering the bubbles of the naïve

And actually, being more

Than what was initially perceived

Or thought it to be

Cracking open fantasies

And going beyond duality

The radically

The dramatically

Misplaced practicality

Mirroring society

The logical and illogically

That at times gets missed

But also captured

Yet persists

And have to wonder sometimes

Yet also factor

The very imminent chaos

That is burning inside the reactor

As everything in life matters

Especially when it comes to people

Not just everything being individual

With respect and regard

Not being residual

And not on par enough

With many things that are vital

Looked over and ignored

And trying to see

Through a closed door

And a lead window

Hearts and minds made of glass

More than most people

Even realize or know

Reliving and rehashing

Unlearned lessons and mistakes

From the past

And just how much longer

Will this last or continue to be

Constant disasters as the main recipe

The vile and nefarious

That is on stuck on repeat

Both out in the open

And still done discreet

For in the center

Is where we all must meet

A neutral and peaceful spot

Where the meeting of the minds

Can further develop and see

Along with getting out of

Our own ways

Much pain and suffering

Along with the countless tears

That reek of each night and day

As the times were in

Continue to bring

Static and unwanted disruptions

Hatred and underlining corruptions

But saying and stating

Such delusional phrases

In most cases

That freedom rings

Yet not caring

About the very faces

That lack hope and light

And continues to give way to the dark

That this constantly replaces

But I guess this is life

Stress and strife

Nothing nice

As stuff happens

Much movement of ships

But no real captains

As many have come to know

Not allowing natural flow

And stunting necessary growth

Missing the capacity

But having the audacity

To fill the voids and needs

Just too busy

Filling pockets with money

And further succumbing to greed

All while many suffer on the daily

And feeling hopeless and insecure

Hitting the pillow nightly

But claim this is fair

Because the truth of the matter is

Unless it affects the influential people

Then this will continue on

And further lack any kind of care

So beware

Bold and dare

And yes, I went there

As peace and true respect

Have become extremely rare 

Because many have become tired

Of such things

And constantly left up in the air

Living life on a tight rope

As each day and moment seems dire

But trying to cope

Searching for the antidote

Looking down the small end of the scope

And losing much needed hope

Constantly going through the fire

And aching and begging

To be taken higher

And wanting something for once

To inspire to

To live and breathe

Yet rest more easily

As others opposite of them

Can and often do

Time to get a clue

And realize that these things

Affect us all

And time to accept

The unspoken truth

To longer be quiet

And live out of sight

And out of mind

Just wanting those that this

Directly affects

To just sit down and hush

While looking pass the vital

And the rest of society

For some people in this world

Are out of touch and truly need

A brush of reality


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