Rush Of Clouds



To look up and see 

The rush of clouds 

As they brush and move 

Against and with the sky 

Catching a momentary glimpse 

As a passer by 

Being in their own element 

And for miles around 

As floating in the atmosphere 

Is where they can always be found 

Spreading all around 

And traveling many leaps and bounds 

Yet always seem somehow 

To be nothing more 

Than what they were intended to be 

And meant to do 

Staying in place  

Or gliding about 

A sky so blue 

Or black as can be 

Just take the time 

Every once in a while 

To look up there and see 

And being an atmospheric treat 

Doing so effortlessly 

And without this being a huge feat 

Separating themselves 

Or bunching together 

And just hanging out in the air 

Despite the time or weather 

And unlike anything else 

That nature tends to offer 

As they soar along 

And not many miles per 

As what they do 

And what they are 

Always occurs 

Yet being constantly present 

And never just a blur 

Quietly and silently 

Never too much 

And as such 

Yet virtually untouched 

Without sound or fuss 

And seen both up and down 

As I have found 

Just sitting here staring 

At the rush of clouds 


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