Crashing Waves



Crashing waves 

For days 

As they convey 

And put on display 

Roaming the oceans 

And rolling into the inlay 

Of the coasts and land 

And mixing in while wetting the sand 

Flowing ever so freely 

And not on demand 

Possessing a power and strength 

Along with such force 

That we are yet to understand 

But will enjoy for years to come 

As we watch and bear witness 

This instance 

And further experience 

To the absolute extent 

Just being in the mere presence 

Of just one of nature’s  

Most awesome wonders 

That we aim to be around 

And listening to the sounds 

Longer and longer 

In the middle of the day 

Or at the black of night 

For each time this is 

Such a site to behold 

And never gets old 

As we enjoy the view 

And seems like gold 

For actually being in it 

May be a bit rough for most 

But just fine by a few 

Nothing new 

While underneath a sky so blue 

Or wrestling in the dark 

Going there to stand or walk 

But can’t wait to embark 

Or even park  

Ourselves in the sand 

Making a lasting print there 

Against the coastal land 

As this makes a lasting impression 

Upon us all 

As the waves fly up 

And began to fall 

Going and going 

And in so many ways 

That affects our lives 

A treat and feast  

Before our very eyes 

Both night and day 

As we feel and experience 

The crashing waves 


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