Once The Smoke Clears



Everyday people 

Living out their lives  

As an ongoing sequel 

Living and breathing 

And proceeding 

To go about life 

The best way they can 

But often times the quality of this 

Gets interrupted by man 

All across the many lands 

And countless nations 

With various occupations 

That aim to keep 

The vast populations down 

Every city and town 

And for miles around 

As many complex and unnecessary things 

Tend to crash into the ground 

And at times 

Doesn’t even make a sound 

Don’t even see it coming 

But when it arrives 

And happening right before many eyes 

The sign of the times 

Pointing to horrible and dreadful things 

More than we actually realize 

And coming as a shock and surprise 

To just too many people 

Each day that this arise 

The many deceptions and lies 

That continue to get comprised 

At the start of the day 

And at sunrise 

Happening in every single way 

That means most harm 

So, sound the alarm 

And be on guard 

For you have been warned 

And placed on notice 

Especially as things persist 

And much darkness that some people 

Just can’t resist 

Doing unimaginable things 

And being okay with this 

For as long as we’re all here 

Living with much fear 

And won’t stand up for ourselves enough 

As this has become clear 

And what we have right here 

Is a problem of epic proportions 

Living among organizations 

That are seriously corrupt 

And love extortion 

Causing constant disruption 

Just as quickly as they can blink 

And as often as this happens 

It should make us all think 

Bringing this world to the brink 

And edge 

Yet almost seems like 

Their aiming for the edge 

As hope and peace on the daily 

Just continues to disappear 

And where exactly 

Will we all be 

Once all of the smoke clears 


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