Writing On The Regular



A poet should try their best 

To write every single day 

Short ones or long ones 

Makes no difference 

As poetry finds a way 

To become part of you 

In every form and shape 

Circling you at both the start 

And end of a day 

Write just because 

Write at least one line 

Write out of passion and love 

And write at anytime 

Then rewind this 

As much as possible 

And allow poetry and you 

To become unstoppable 

With poetry always on the brain 

And even after you write 

More should still remain 

Write for hope and change 

Write and write 

Until people think  

You have gone insane 

And may seem strange 

For those that are not poets 

Cannot truly understand 

How a poet and poetry 

And always in close proximity 

Along with staying within range 

As this can’t be helped 

And must be allowed to occur 

Making time 


With countless  

Words and lines 

And let your light shine 

As this moment never goes away 

Nor ever feels like a blur 

For a poet must and should 

Be writing on the regular 


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