The Pen As A Weapon

The pen isn’t mightier than the sword, it is the sword….




To a poet 

The pen is a very vital 

And potent weapon 

Of literary fashion and construction 

From thought to title 

Introduction to the end 

And after all has been  

Written and done 

Penning word for word 

And line by line 

Over a designated period of time 

Dangerous with the pen 

Powerful with the pen 

Creative with the pen 

From beginning to end 

Again, and again 

A passion and not a trend 

Dedication and not a hobby 

Just say when 

And also depends 

On many factors at that time 

And all of the things 

Wandering around inside of 

The poet’s heart and mind 

Attacking the paper with words 

And sometimes attacking the ears 

From what was spoken and heard 

And in hopes to leave 

Quite the impression with every word 

Through creative and artistic expression 

And going in every poetic direction 

Yet taken hopefully 

As it was received 

And occurs often enough 

To be believed 

For poets have the recipe 

When it comes to words 

And with the intention of taking flight 

Like the very bird 

That soars the sky for hours 

Imbued from within 

With lyrical and literary power 

Seen and displayed 

With every single one 

For this is what it means 

To use the pen as a weapon 


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