Spoken Word



Spoken from 

The wings of a bird 

Igniting and activating 

Something that has never been heard 

Originality that goes against the grain 

And has become the curve 

The verbal and vocal 

Power of poetic words 

With an intensity 

That breaches and reaches 

A unique and attentive audience 

Causing and forming 

A poetic ambience 

Spoken from a video or stage 

On display and wanting to 

Very much convey 

And express 

A poet in that moment 

Aiming for their best 

Targeting hearts and minds 

That commits this poetic experience 

To long term memory 

And embracing the art  

At the auditory 

And sound 

Being bold and brave 

And going leaps and bounds 

For right here is where 

This poet and their work 

Can be found 

Poetic pieces said and stated 

Out loud 

Hoping to make the art proud 

Through all of the faces 

That completely surround 

This poetic artist 

With each lyrical pulse 

And as the heart pounds 

Each line and word 

Hitting the air and the ground 

Sounding off poetry 

And echoing for miles around 

As this will be  

Exactly what goes down 

Igniting many smiles 

And never a frown 

As you sit and witness 

The literary abyss 

Felt through the power of words 

That the poet can’t resist 

Turn away once 

And you just might miss this 

To rock the crowd 

And never forget what was heard 

Direction of expression

That goes beyond the norm and absurd

For this and much more 

Defines spoken word 


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