As I write 




Constantly accept 

Poetry’s invite 

Doing what know 

In my heart is right 

Out of mind 

But not out of sight 

Taking flight 

To the poetic sky 

With all of might 

And never asking why 

For when it comes to poetry 

I will never wave goodbye 

The well will never run dry 

For I have the capacity 

And the limitless energy 

To do this through infinity 

For I posses 

The natural ability and affinity 

For poetry 

And the world will continue 

To feel and see 

Witness and read 

But then I turn around 

And begin to speak 

With was written lyrically 

Penning and winning 


And doing so dramatically 



Feeding into the literary 

Spoken words gathered 

And said loudly  

And proudly 

Now starting 

And beginning 

To express this poetry 



From the source 

While plotting 

An additional course 

For I posses 

An energy and force 

When it come to this thing 

Called poetry 

And will now  

Express more of it 

By voice 

As this will 

Shine a further light 

From the very art 

That I write 

As this feels right 

At home 

And deep down in my bones 

For poetry and I 

Will continue to hone 

Bond and be alone 

Yet harness a new tone 

That will turn the written 

Into spoken 

As I accept this token 

Continue the fight 

Poetry that bites 

Highlights and spotlights 

Hopefully excite 

Everything that I write 

Answer the call and invite 

As the time has come 

To level up 

To light and take bites

And evolve my poetry 

Beyond what I write

As I began this journey 

To speak and recite 


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