Regal Dose



Poetically consume

With much to lose

Which makes me dangerous

As I


To ooze

Lyrically self soothe

Much to show

Much to prove

On the move

Vibe and groove

Refuse to lose

Rise and toast

Yet humble enough

To succeed and not boast

And proceed with the next post

So that’s all folks

Doing the very thing

That I love the most

As I live and breathe

For poetry and me

Is always hoping

To be felt and seen

From coast to coast

The light in the dark

The fire in the midst

As I

Embark and persist

For poetry is just something

That I cannot resist

No hit and miss

But instead outfit and spit

Moving poetry like chess pieces

As I write out more of this

With spoken word on the way

Much I have to say

Felt from my very core

And my poetry pit

Each and everyday

So, forget what you’ve seen or heard

And what has occurred

Or what you think you know

As you prepare to witness

And experience

This poetic flow

As I

Vibe and formulize

Rewind and energize

As the very echo

That will soar

Right out the window

For I and poetry

Cannot be contained

And even after

All is said and done

Me and poetry will stay remain

As I

Refrain from unwanted change

Much to gain

Reinvent the game

From what I wrote

Speak what I spoke

The lyrically antidote

A literary lightning bolt

An artistic



Poetic force

As time will reveal

And my poetic fate sealed

As this poetical skill

Continues to evolve and grow

Yet surpass the unequal

With many sequels

As your poetic host

For this poet right here

And to the world

Will be and is

A regal dose


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