The Art Of Poetry 4



Words housed in an artistic barn

Then escapes the walls

Spreading and heading

Yet growing at an alarming rate

Along a literary farm

And meant to be shared to all

Be captivated and enthralled

Rewind and recall

While engaging with the best parts

As you head down the hall

To a poetic place

Watching poetry take shape

And in a poetical situation

That will be faced in each case

By the world in every single way

Moving across all lands and nations

The written trace

As a poetic mayday

Due to it being a lyrical swarm

Yet intrigued by passion and precision

Seen through the many reactions and revisions

All while transforming silk into warmth

That covers your mind while reading

Taking poetry and proceeding

To its next exit and destination

And being a poetical detonation

With and through the power of words

And hopefully used for

The purposes of good

And for this to always be understood

With every poet

That would and could

Yet should

Hold and held poetry up high

With much fire and determination

Much desire and admiration

And with an artistic appreciation

As the people affected

Stand under this poetic canopy

No desperation or separation

No segregation or deviation

And at times on a rhyming spree

Just the literary indication

Artistic association

And the lyrical exploration

For all to experience and see

With poetic aspirations

From all poets

Of and through

The art of poetry


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