The Art Of Poetry 3



Art that demonstrates

Through many lines and words

And often refers

Yet reference back to the poet

As it radiates the page

And on the rage

Making literary waves


Read and taken in

Many different ways

As some will say

Always open to interpretation

Inviting active interest and participation

For poetry is the art form

That takes the art world by storm

Covers and drapes over the norm

And a way of conveying words being born

Literary weather with lyrical precipitation

The poetic situation

Both written and vocal aspirations

Conjuring up fascination

Any night

Any day

Persuades and sways


Yet displays the very definition

Of much poetic wordplay

With no end in sight

For poetry is taking words

And turning them into light

Spoken and written

In such unique ways

With deeper meanings sometimes hidden

Constantly read and displayed

The art of poetry


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