Poetical Skill Set



I have  

Poetical skill 

That fits the shoe and bill 

And enough that makes  

Time itself stand still 

With each poetic work 

That gets revealed 


Keeping it real 

No standing still 

No time for a chill pill 

Because my poetic fate 

Has already been sealed 

Make no mistake 

For I just can’t wait 

To write the next one 

For I and poetry 

Will never be done 

May feel like a task for some 

But a passion and fire lie here  

As I write each one 

The artistic 

The realistic 

The poetic 

As I use the pen and paper 

Just like weapons 

Each line and word 

Fulfills the vast endeavor 

Being more than clever 

For me and poetry 

Can do this song and dance forever 

So, whatever it takes 

To become great 

And never too late 

To become a poet laureate 

And leave a poetic legacy 

Behind and didn’t hesitate 

As my artwork will reveal 

Constant movement 

As I and the pen 

Never sat still 

Such a thrill 

Hope through the power of words 

With intentions to heal 

Shine a light in darkness 

And create mass appeal 

The smoke from the grill 

The tread left behind 

By the spinning wheel 

As my poetic fate  

Has always been sealed 

And putting on display 

Until I have nothing left 

Giving it my all 

And appreciating 

My poetical skill set 



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