Flowing like the oceans 

Releasing poetic pieces  

And swarming like locusts 

Got you open 

As my work increases 

Many things left unspoken 

Never losing focus 

Natural talent here 

So no hocus pocus 

Continuing on a scale and level 

The bass to the treble 

That aims to become a grand opus 

Leveling the playing field 

And haven’t even scratched the surface 

Won’t ever rest 

For I detest 

Not being at my very best 

Met with much success 

And refusing to accept 

Anything less 

As I continue to display 

For nights and days 

As my work in poetry 

Comes in waves 

Aiming to convey 


Not be held at bay 

Spreading out like sunrays 

The black 

The white  

The gray 

Is all can say 

Or describe 

And watch this poetry 

Constantly shock and come alive 

A feast for the eyes 

As I  

Continue to comprise 



And further realize 

That I’m evolving 

And an avid poet on the rise 

With much devotion 

The poetic potion 

Literary lotion 

Lyrically defined 

And now expressing 

The unspoken 

Staying focused 

Written aesthetic 

And stirring up the poetic 

In every way possible 

Very often 

And constant construction 




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