Boat By Day



Out on the ocean 

And just sailing away 

Enjoying the sun rays 

And the very movement and motion 

As you make way 

Further down the ocean 

Yet feeling every single wave 

The key to relaxing 

As some might say 

As this beautiful and natural 

Artwork is on display 

Water all around 

And splashing with every sound 

As you push and sail along 

With plenty of time 

As peace out here 

Is what you find 

And nothing about this 

Seems to feel wrong 

Just simply right 

Relaxing and taking in 

The radiant sunlight 

And being out during 

The daylight hours 

Because you could go on like this 

For hours and hours 

And many days 

Seeing and listening to 

The crashing ocean waves 

And like this all the time 

If you had it your way 

Just sailing and traveling along 

In a boat by day 


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