Floating along in life

And can’t seem to differentiate

Between the wrong and right

Unable to take flight

And even though you believe

That you’ve given it all of your might

You are still walking in darkness

And calling it light

Just floating around

Without being steered

And unable to see things

As they are and crystal clear

Feeling without purpose and guidance

Because somewhere you made a wrong turn

And have been stuck there since

Lost and unlearned

Dazed and confused

But you must find a way

To push through

For you can’t stay put

Where you are

Stuck out in the middle of nowhere

And miles out by far

For you must comes to grips

With what to do

And to whom you truly are

Open those fists

Step out of the haze and mist

You fell down yes

But now you must lift

Yourself up and be swift

When it comes to much needed change

Do so now before going in insane

Before feeling more isolated

And reacting to crashing waves

That seem to rule your life

And despite the storm

You must continue to fight

Even when you can’t see

Any land in sight

But because of all this

You will find out what

You’re truly made of

And was made with

Hope spouted from your lips

And obtaining that

Which you have missed

So, find your way back to the shore

And let go of being

Down and out even more

And make a new list

Travel to where you need

Your life to be

And no longer feel the need

To be adrift


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