Pink Shades On Light Sand



She comes to the beach 

But no need to sunbathe 

For she has enough color within 

And outside 

That can radiate the day 

Light up a room 

And the very sea shore  

To which she is beginning 

To love more and more 

Each time she arrives 

With a bikini on 

And spending time here alone 

With just herself 

Making a way and time 

For no one else 

Except for the beach and ocean 

As she walks along side of it 

And enjoying this 

In slow motion 

Then she finds a spot 

Nearby in the sand 

Blanket down as the area surrounds 

And placing her in a trance 

Picking up the sand 

And letting it run through her fingers 

As it tends to dance 

When it touches the ground 

Burying her feet in the sand 

As her very color blends nicely 

Within the sand around 

With a smile on her face 

And basking here 

In her favorite place 

Taking in the sun 

And turning slightly darker 

With every second of the tan 

As she chills 

And see this as an absolute thrill 

Yet so surreal 

As the ocean waves reveal 

With every current 

That touches down and covers the land 

As she relaxes 

And sets down 

Her pink shades on light sand 


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