The Poet And The Pen



This is where 

Poetry begins 

When the thoughts and words 

From the poet 

Merge with the paper and pen 

Poetic dreams coming alive 

Right before the poet’s own eyes 

With words and lines 

That are steadily on the rise 

For the power of poetry 

Tends to surprise 

And fly 

Over and above 

This world and the many lives 

For a poet never asks why 

They instead just take flight 

For this is what happens 

From the time that they 

Begin to write and recite 

Doing so with poise 

And making lots of literary noise 

With tons of artistic might 

Lyrical prowess 

That is out of sight 

Reserved only for those poets 

That savor the passion 

And continue to fight 

As each poetic piece 

Tends to bite 

Turning darkness upside down 

Underneath bright and glaring lights 

Expression without hesitation 

And never feeling contrite 

With every piece written 

And as they constantly write 

For this is a poet’s life 

A destiny and a calling 

That is never seen as appalling 

And too busy plotting 

The next rendition 

As to stay sharp 

And not start falling 

Off or becoming lost 

As to what to do 

And the next steps to take 

For unique artistic works 

Is what a poet always makes 

And make no mistake about it 

As you experience and witness 

What all comes with doing this 

Much effort given 

And time spent 

As each minute and hour 

Just came and went 

Because to a poet 

Not writing at all 

Is like a crime or sin 

And doing so with much satisfaction 

For with poetry 

There is no end 

As poetry and poets 

Have constant interaction 

So just say when 

Yet so amazing 

Because there is a close bond 

And a relationship 

When it comes to 

The poet and the pen 


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