Poetry In Motion



For the time of poetry

Is ever present

And very much alive

A steady moving pulse

As it moves with a purpose

And swiftly changing lives

Being in front of many eyes

With many poets

Along for the ride

Moving at such a speed and rate

As poetry will never

Sit still nor wait

Make no mistake

It is here to stay

Each and everyday

The very light that enhances the night

And in such a way

That is felt inside and out

Knowing exactly what it’s all about

Speeding down the streets

Being the very heartbeat

Of many words

Subjects and verbs

Rhymes and metaphors

Never before seen or heard

Not absurd

But continues to move rapidly

And constantly occurs

As many will experience and observe

Originality as the poetic reality

And spoken words never heard

Before but with much instore

The very door to literary world

And being as unique

As a flawless pearl

Through much energy and fire

And much needed commotion

To poetry and to the arts

This is dire

And with a purpose

That goes much higher

For poetry is the fast moving

And powerful locomotive

Grooving and soothing

As the flowing ocean

For this everyone

Is poetry in motion


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