Poetic Storm



The storm is here

It has arrived

As poetry rides the atmosphere

And being more

Than what actually appears

Right before the eyes

A storm coming

A storm brewing

A storm ensuing

And mind numbing

As this art style is forming

And goes well beyond the norm

For I am

The quiet storm

With words that are attached to shock waves

But will keep you warm

And mind entertained

As I

Always have poetic brain

And flowing words of poetry

That will continue to remain

Going unchanged

Never insane

Just a mad poetic scientist

When it comes to poetry

A smooth and flowing style

That I like to call floetry

The whirlwind

The tornado

Steady evolving

With much poetic growth

A hurricane and a maelstrom

For me and poetry

Will never be done

For I refuse to succumb

To a failed effort or mission

For even right now

I’m thinking about

My next poetic rendition

As most will find out

And come to know

So, excuse me as I

Continue to let my poetry flow

Cause disruptions in good ways

And being an interruption

For many with sad days

The antidote that awoke

In me each time I wrote

And spreading hope

As each piece written

Is original and bespoke

As they cater and are tailored

For the entire world

Every culture and race

And come into place

Face to face

With many eyes and hearts

Souls and minds

With every single case

Each and every time

Penning with this weapon

That writes out

Many words and lines

As I’m in the zone

And on my poetic grind

Yet feeling all of this poetic vibe

All the time

As you will find

And being the precipitation

Circling overhead among all nations

With no limits or fear

No boundaries when I come near

As I rival and revere

And constantly appear

Before poetry right here

For I am the atmosphere

And far beyond the norm

Stay out of my way

And not hinder my progress

For you have been warned

I won’t settle for nothing less

A force to be reckoned with

A nonstop task

On the warpath

And further energized because of this

Yet evolving in many ways

Just who am I you ask

Well I’m going to say

A literary powerhouse

A lyrical mindbender

Poetical inventor

Soaring above the clouds

For poetry is forever with me

And will never renounce

Very much aligned

Sewn together tightly

To never wear out

Or be torn

For I wear poetry

And poetry has been worn

Look out for me

For I am

The poetic storm


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