Set Course



For I made a choice 

To be a poetic force 

Both written and by voice 

As I  

Continue to plot 

And can’t be stopped 

As I set course 

To embrace more poetry 

For this will be 

The life and death of me 

And for all to see 

Hear and read 

Inhale and exhale 

What was meant to be 

With no plans or intentions 

To ever slip or fall 

Stay enthralled with

Poetical renditions 

That are consistent 

Creative inventions 

With few revisions 

Tailored with much thought 

And precision 

A lyrical collision 

Very proficient 

As I’m not done 

With the world at all 

Shot from a poetic cannon 

And appearing as a cannonball 

As I 

Use both of 

My inside and outside literary voice 

And hoist the pen and paper 

And initiate the next 

Poetic caper 

And refuse to taper off 

For I and poetry 

Know nothing of loss 

Rhyming with variable timing 

Grinding and fighting 

Written and not hidden 

Speaking and far reaching 

And sent out in droves 

Both high and low 

As I’m tossed to and fro 

For poetry is one of the best things 

That I’ve come to know 

Harnessing and gathering  

More energy for this  

Electric and poetic flow 

For poetry is a calling 

And let it be so 

Allowing me to grow 

While seeing and having  

No other choice 

Much support

And a limitless source

Because poetry long ago 

Plotted and set my course 


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