Poetry Mode



I’m in poetry mode 

As most will find out 

And come to know 


Every day 

Every night 

Dark out or light 

Switch stuck in the on position 

Awaiting the very next 

Poetic rendition 

And coming upon no opposition 

When it comes to poetry 

As I 

Write and pen 

What’s inside of me 

And spreading the words and lines 

That were once trapped in my mind 

Never taking a vacation 

Because I’m always on 

My poetic grind 

The button pushed in 

At all times 

And confined 

Within the many walls of poetry 

Flowing effortlessly 

In and outside of me 

Readily and steadily 

As I combine 

Many lyrical rhymes 

Literary land mines 

Artistic and simplistic 

Yet unique and reaching 

For higher levels and mountain peaks 

Not being discreet 

As this would actually defeat 

The very purpose of having  

Both feet  

Planted firmly in poetry 

And on a mission  

To supply the poetic, want and need 

And hopefully 

Cause shock and awe 

Positively and set 

The tone and conditions 

Relatively easily 

Yet feed the world 

True to heart 

And true to life artistry 

To all of you 

Directly from me 

Having never froze 

What comes and what goes 

For you’ll never know 

How exactly I initiate and activate 

This poetic flow 

As I continue to grow 

As a poet 

To always show it 

And never fold 

Light always on green 

From the word go 

Many times, in a row 

And never opposed 

Always composed 

With much more to come 

I suppose 

As I live and breathe poetry 

For this you must know 

I will always show 

Felt from head to toes 

From heart to nose 

Body and soul 

For I am always in  

Poetry mode 


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