As I Speak Of Rain



As the rain  

Comes pouring down 

And I take a look around 

Noticing gray skies above 

That are full of dark clouds 

And glancing down at the ground 

To every drop that hits 

And listening to every sound 

Becoming somewhat drenched 

But I do not care 

For I want to feel 

The very rain  

That is falling everywhere 

As I embrace it in full 

Yet describing just how 

Simple it is and can be 

As the rain is falling and streaming 

Right along and running down me 

And sensing more to come 

Smelling it in the very air 

As it blows pass me and beyond 

I speak and it listens 

As each droplet 

That crashes the pavement 

Splashes and glistens 

With the natural intention 

Of covering and wetting 

Everything around 

As I also watch the rain 

Be absorbed into the ground 

Such an experience 

That I am having in this moment 

And with much to gain 

For what’s being seen and experienced here 

I choose to not refrain 

Or only observe from inside 

And from the window pane 

For I’m just trying to describe 

In detailed words 

As I speak of rain 


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