Rhyme Maker



Causing poetic chain reactions

With plenty of satisfaction

As the extraction of words

Will form and be written

And remain unhidden

Yet turn into something

Never before seen or heard

Will continue to occur

And won’t become a blur

As each piece gains traction

With each written and spoken action

Due to my poetic mind

Never taking a vacation

For what’s written

Is only a mere fraction

Of what’s to come

And will not be outdone

Moving with purpose

And not solely for fun

Thoughts of poetry

From moonlight

To the rising of the sun

Form follows function

An overflowing fountain

Climbing more poetic mountains

Reality not fiction

Causing much static disruption

Constant fire and friction

And heading in further directions

That have a beginning

But no end

Rhyme manipulation

Literary admiration

Artistic inspiration

Simplistic variations

Wordplay and calculations

Always open to interpretation

Lyrical sensation

Unique poetical construction

A draftsman and craftsman

Drafting poetic art

And spreading them across the lands

Without making a sound

Aiming for my work

To be world renowned

All the while

I fly under the radar

Pushing poetic shockwaves

By far

Moving faster by pen

Than by car

For most will come to know

Me and poetry

And just who we are

Through each subject and title

And rival each prior one

An energetic and powerful cycle

The quickest bullet

Never shot from a rifle

Interject with the bible

And dropping a poetic anvil

While being so ample

For what’s been revealed already

Is only a sample

And able

To travel

To every area

Being a poetic carrier

Flying high and hovering

Like a harrier

No limits or barriers

As my poetry is the food

And I’m the chef

And baker

For my poetry is coming

Do I have any takers?

As this piece right here

Turned me into

The rhyme maker


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