I Live And Breathe Poetry



The artistry 

The literary 

Thinking critical 

Being lyrical 

For the whole world to see 

A unique talent 

And ability 

Yet uniquely made and done 

And shared from me 

Poetry as I wake 

Poetry as I sleep 

Poetry in the middle of the night 

Poetry in the middle of the day 

Poetry for me to keep 

Poetry for me to share 

Poetry that shines a light 

And makes the whole world aware 

As it puts this on notice 

Rare and flows 

More than most will come to know 

And being a lotus flower 

Each and every hour 

Words that are meant 

To be devoured 

And committed to memory 

Poetic works 

That were experienced and seen 

And be a witness 

To this 

And more as it will further persist 

For I 

Just can’t resist 

To write and pen 

Over and over again 

From beginning to end 

As I send 

Out poetic shockwaves 

Over a long span 

And for many days 

Being the very array 

That poetry stands up and say 

As I 

Make way 




Eyes closed and opened 

Being both silent and outspoken 

Aiming to be 

The token poet 

As my works will speak for me 

A constant focus 

And being the epitome 

Of what poetry  

Can be 

And further become 

Not planning to ever 

Be outdone 

Beyond just fun 

For I plan to be the one 

Writing until the very sun 

Goes down and comes back up 

For poetry is something 

I just can’t get enough 

Word for word 

And line by line 

For when it comes to poetry 

Now is always the time 

And me it defines 

With each and every piece 

Along with every single rhyme 

For I will never deny 


Ask why 

As it and I 

Comprise of 

Synergy and energy 

That just radiates 

And permeates

Off of me 

And so glad 

That this came to be 

For this doesn’t even 

Scratch the surface 

Of just how much 

I live and breathe poetry 


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