Thoughts Like Sand



My thoughts as a poet

Are like the many grains of sand

Countless in number

As they place me in

A constant trance

As words and lines

Are the song and dance

That equal my very thoughts

The love that mixes with romance

As I grab the pen and paper

Then begin to take a poetic stance

With many titles circling about my mind

With many more to come over time

The words and lines

The literary and the lyrical rhymes

Drawn and penned all of the time

The artistic act

That I

Constantly repeat and rewind

So, I

Can do what I was meant to

And that is to showcase even more

What poetry can do

As it flows throughout me

The very floetry

That is unique

And a style that has yet

To reach its peak

Never discreet

Because I

Write and share openly

All while hoping

That it will shine a light

On the world

And to help stir the passion and fire

That I

Plan to consistently hurl

And display

Much written and penned

But with a whole lot more to say

Spoken words

That I

Also want to convey

With thoughts that never run dry

For the tank is always full

As poetry and I

Continue to soar and fly

For when it’s time

To wave goodbye

I would have left behind

A written legacy

A spoken word and summary

That contributed greatly

To the artistry

And an abstract

That everyone got to enjoy and see

Much to gain

Moving at the speed of sound

While staying in one lane

Then switching directions suddenly

To account for sudden change

But only to reach higher levels

Of evolution and go down range

Countless and ever present

As the many grains of sand

Gliding high above

And not ready to land

Written literary works

That most can relate

And truly understand

For I stayed

And never ran

For poetry and I

Continue to bond and band

Together and beyond the regular

And have become more

Than just a man

The stuff of legend

And evolving always

Through the countless thoughts

That are like the grains of sand


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