Across The Burning Sand



Moving about life

Moving about this world

Whether woman or man

Barefoot and troubled

And wandering across

The burning sand

The complexities of life

As you twist and twirl

Yet hurl yourself into it

Trying to do your best

With what you’ve been given

Trying to stay encouraged

And motivationally driven

Hoping to be living

And not just existing

As you stand

On these very lands

But hope to one day soar

High above this Earth

And the ocean floors

Keeping your mind out of stasis

As you wonder over to a place

That’s just an illusion

Due to being an oasis

A far delusion

And gathering the conclusion

As you often feel at times

Like you’re in seclusion

Basking yet also haunted by

The very memories of the past

And wandering just how much longer

Does this intend to last

As you try to move pass

And stay in the present moments

As time comes and then went

And with all of the time spent

Walking around aimlessly and lost

Confused and unsure

Asking if you’ve paid your dues

From all that you have endured

Trying to stay positive

And your heart pure

By the negative tends to rise

As is not often disguised

And finding yourself asking why

As you look down at your feet

To see just where you are

And with a distance

Of how far

And is this location on par

With who you want to be

Or is it so far out of reach

But can’t plainly see

Walking on burning sand

With both feet

Bare and worn

But with many miles to go

Moving about slowly but surely

As the life that you’ve come to know

Over the dunes and hills

Then looking from the top

Down to the area below

For life affects us all

No matter if it’s woman or man

As most try to live vicariously

Through others but some for self

As we all walk these harsh lands

As one tries to cope

And trying to see life

Beyond a scope

As they walk across

The burning sand


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