Jagged Metaphor




Can be  

Metaphorical in nature 

Obviously and with various 

Interpretations and meanings that most 

Will be able to read and  

See yet decipher intensely as this artistry 

Is so intriguing and uniquely done in ways 

That could go on for many years 

And days and being cut both 

Smooth and fine along with 

Rough and jagged all 

While being so 

Much more 


The poet  

Has clearly walked 

Through the poetic door 

A figure of speech that 

Tends to breach and reach out 

To even more ways of being about 

And having more class and clout as the  

Poet often feels stout and indented with 

Every poetic invention that is not 

Always literally but sometimes figuratively 

Done and implied over 

A long period 

Of time 


Sharp points 

That can protrude 

Applicable and self soothe 

And always looking for more 

For this is my version of 

A poetic and strong jagged metaphor 


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