Poetry Is The One Place



Poetry is the one place 

That I can escape  

All of the cares and troubles 

Of the world 

To find the quiet and silence 

That is much needed 

In order to slow things down 

That tends to twist and twirl 

On the daily 

Taking me to a place 

Where I can write in peace 

And pen many poems 

Or maybe 

Just write one 

Just for fun 

And chill right there 

When it’s all written and done 

Clearing my mind 

Of all of the complexities 

Of life in this moment 

For where I went 

Much time will be spent 

Right here 

And devoting me time 

So that I 

Can get my mind back right 

And keeping it tight 

So that I can be a beacon 

Of bright rays of light 

And continue the fight 

Once I return back home 

But honestly like it here more 

And also, all alone 

For I just might stay here  

A little while and for a long time 

As I embrace the atmosphere 

That allows me to combine 

Focus and relaxation 

And not rewind 

Myself back to where 

I just came from 

That put a frown on my face 

Because I truly need this escape 

In this case 

So that I can just 

Simply erase 

The reason that brought me here 

And the very area 

That I revere 

For when I’m done 

I get lost 

And you will find 

No trace 

And come here when 

I’ve had all I can take 

Where I can just be me 

At every degree 

Because this is my second home 

And my personal isolated escape 

So, make no mistake 

For poetry is the one place 


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