The Power That Is Poetry



Poetry is

The power of words

Expressions and readings

Originally seen and heard

Art in the form of words

Lighting words on fire

As the pen writes

And the ink occurs

On the page

In such a way

Word for word

And line by line

For a poet flows and flies

On the wings of a poetic bird

Each and every time

For you can tell in the writings

And when you glance into their eyes

As poetry is on the rise

Stirring emotions and causing smiles

For many miles

All around the world

Open to much interpretation

And never at a loss for words

Embraced and served

And the ability to form words

Yet turning them into a dessert

And putting poetry to work

Showcasing it all over this Earth

Critical thinking mixed with the radical

As energy flows and surges

With every word

Unorthodox at times

And not always subject to the grammatical

Igniting each poetic line

On fire from much poetic desire

Daytime or nighttime

Never asking why

Flowing words inside the poetic mind

And reaching for the literary sky

Imbue and constantly pursue

More ways to see poetry through

And to evolve and elevate

To other poetic levels

And yet revel in the very energy

That poetry gives off

Always found and never lost

Kidnapped by its essence

And going freely with it

Not meant to be aggressive

But render light in the darkness

And much hope with this

To give something

For people to remember

And hang on to

To read and enjoy

Many pieces written and recited

As poetry is the root

Of the ever-growing artistic tree

Being creative and demonstrating

What poetry was meant to be

For this my description

Of the power that is poetry


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