Elevated By Poetry



To be lifted up

To be raised up

Situated and placed higher

Than where I am now

But no mystery as to how this happened

For this actually occurred

Energy and synergy gathered

From every line and word

Titles and subjects

Metaphors and verbs

And taking place more often

Than ever before

Seen or heard

Pulling me towards it like a magnet

And poetry hasn’t failed me yet

Or seek to amaze

For when I’m writing

I could go on for days

Choosing to be stuck

In the center of this poetic maze

And with a feeling that won’t ever fade

Thoughts that constantly take shape

With no signs ever of going away

No writer’s block or haze

As me and poetry

Continue to engage and bond

And with a much deeper meaning and level

Than just some mere hobby or fun

For I have no intentions or plans

To ever be done

From the very moment

That poetry chose me

That is when I won

Writing artwork from moonlight

Until the rising of the sun

And for all to cherish and see

Lighting up the world continuously

Spreading hope around frequently

Just as much as breathing







And filled with limitless

Poetic energy

For this is what it means

To be elevated by poetry


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