Land Of Ice



Icy and cold

Brisk and bold

And nothing nice

For what we have here

Is a land of ice

To not think twice

In an area of harshness

With no helpful device

As one would have to

Devise and improvise

In order to survive

With fear and tears

In the eyes

As the chills begin to set in

And feeling the cold rush of wind

Throughout the body

For this experience

If one survives

Will make quite the story

As this and more

Will be committed to long term memory

Walking and pacing

With nothing more

Than icy fog in sight

Hoping to not obtain frostbite

As the very fright

Can be felt on your face

Because in any case

There is only two ways

That this will play out

One that continues life

And one without

But this is letting you know

Exactly what you’re made of

When being pushed to your limit

For what’s surrounding you

Is no joke or gimmick

For this is either the very end

Or a new beginning

That one hopes to see it through

But how this plays out exactly

Is up to you

And what one chooses to do

Right here and now

Will definitely determine

The ending result

Give up or quit

Surrender or resist

Or revolt and catapult

Self into a door

That will lead to one’s demise

Or so much more

For you must continue forward

And head towards

A place that will be safe

And will be nice

As you journey through

The land of ice


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