Sunset And Sundown



Rises in the east

And sets in the west

For at sundown

The only light that remains

Is what is left

For this is

The very end of the day

Orange in color

As the fading light

Bends away

Yet covering the last bit

Of ground that aligns the way

As the surface area is lighted

With the last bit of rays

That tend to ricochet

And bounce off of the land below

A sight to see

As this will show

A nice scene and display

That everyone has come to know

When the very sun

Is all said and done

As it decreases itself

Along the horizon

And darkening the trees

Vanishing slowly from sight

And the many shadows

That it constantly leaves

And awaiting the moonlight

That hasn’t quite arrived just yet

And seen for miles around

For this is a very unique

And natural display

Causing the end of a day

At sunset and sundown


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