Morning Glow



Come the morning

And waking up like so

Staring outside through the window

To a beautiful sunny glow

Rays for days

Yet many times in a row

And come what may

As I’m underneath yet inside

The sunlight below

Getting up and going

To start and the dawn

Of a brand-new day

As most would say

And the mystery of the day

As it is unknowing

But very much has

The sun showing

And all of the colors

That are being displayed outside

And can’t until the time comes

To leave from the inside

Where I currently reside

As the sun highlights


And brings to life

That which I cannot see

Remaining to be seen

But can no longer hide

As the very sun

Reflects off of my eyes

And just putting the day together nicely

As it all seems to just fall in line

Yet doing so over time

With countless shines

As each sunny day will show

And oh, how I look forward to

The next morning glow


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