Dark Clouds Over The Lake



The dark clouds

That surround and are above

The lake below

Being gloomy and ominous

As this clearly shows

As the lake sits still

Without one flow

Not one ripple or wave

From the lake below

As the clouds move overhead

For it would be nice

If they were lighter instead

But this is just

One of those days

As the clouds circle the sky

And continue to make way

Right over the lake

Floating and hovering over it

As intended and no mistake

For this area means to be dark

At this moment in time

And will do so until done

While it all falls in line

Ever present here

But with much silence

Quiet and dark

Is the apparent ambience

Not ideal or what most would want

To feel or see

But this vibe and somewhat eerie

Is what lies and glides around in the air

All over the world

And everywhere

Being this way

From such chaos and not enough care

A typical day for most

And living lives

That are far from anything

To boast about

Feeling down and out

Walking and talking

With a dark cloud following above

And being like the still lake

That most won’t even speak of

Now and as of late

Wandering about tomorrow

Along with the rest of their fate

That just surrounds and very much around

Wearing constant frowns

All while feeling exactly like

The dark clouds over the lake


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