Colored With Gray



Stuck in the middle 

Of black and white 

A median and neutral place 

That can be of light 

Or a little dim 

Something one must face 

From beginning to end 

The wrong or right 

And the in between 

Yet can seem so comfortable 

For some people 

While others see this area 

As something unequal 

An unfinished sequel 

Or just plain stuck in neutral 

Noticing life 

In black and white 

But seeing more gray 

And living life this way 

Uncertain of so many things 

Feeling much beneath the surface 

And staying this way 

Until they close the curtain 

For a rescue is urgent 

And much needed 

Succumbing to misery 

And the things that feed it 

Feeling at times defeated 

And not knowing what direction to go 

But just because you believe this 

Doesn’t make it so 

Looking in the mirror 

As your face will show 

And something that you’re 

Very much aware of 

And truly know 

But being this way 

Will stunt further growth 

As time and life  

Will eventually show 

As you live out the days 

For one must find the way 

To leave behind life 

That is colored with gray 


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