Rolling Ryhmes (Part 2)

Final Version




Part two 

Of the rolling rhymes 

And here to see 

What I can do 

With each word 

With each line 

While feeling my 

Poetic vibe 

On a natural high 

Lyrically shine 

The literary grind 

That I can call mine 

All the time 

Each day 

In every single way 

Each night 

As I take a bite 

Out of poetry 

Ready for a poetic fight 

For this is me 

What I live and breathe 


For all to see 

Sharing around 

For miles around 

Causing smiles and no frowns 

Each time this goes down 

Aiming for the crown 

Soaring the sky 

But move swiftly across the ground 

Going beyond boundaries 

Leaps and bounds 

For me and poetry 

Is the root and tree 

The branch and the leaves 

And sniffing out the next one 

Like a bloodhound 

Written not hidden 

Sharing and caring 

Wrote and spoke 

Trending and never ending 

Penning since the very beginning 

Writing as poetry is so inviting 



Never aggravating 




Words and lines 

All the time 

With many lyrical rhymes 



Every intention of 

Leaving a legacy behind 

Through the world of poetry 

The universe of the literary 



Constructing the unique 

Thinking critically and radically 

As the power of poetry speaks 

And reeks of energy 

So poetically 

As most will get to witness and see 

A poet becoming 


And reaching higher levels 

In this poetic realm 

As I helm 

And steer many renditions 

All while being on a mission 

Ever since 

With every intention 

Along with much persistence 

No resistance 

Writing this instant 

Being consistent 

Look and listen 

As poetry and I glisten 

And being a beacon 

Of light and hope 

From what was read and spoke 

Written and wrote 

And being the very antidote 

As my poetry denotes 

What this poet is all about 

Without a shadow of doubt 

Speaking silently and out loud 

Moving the crowds 

And yet somehow 

Doing so with a fire and passion 

That will never burn out 

Energy never run out 

A chain reaction if you will 

Too much energy to sit still 

As each poetic piece will reveal 

To be the very drill 

That will help instill 

Just how important  

This art form is 

To existence and life 

So, take this as an invite 

After each poem that I write 

As I literally highlight 

Each title and word 

Each line and verb 

As this will constantly occur 

Until the end 

And as I live and breathe 

Continue to succeed 

And be 

A poet laureate 

That the world will get to experience 


And for all time 

So, read and heed 

As I proceed 

To feed the need 

And be 

The very poet 

That poetry 

Needs me to be 

And for all to see 

As the efforts and energy 

Continue to rewind 

Be sublime 

Seek and find 

So fine 

And leaving  

A poetic legacy behind 

Each time 

On my poetic grind 

From me to you 

As most will find 

Just from this part two 

Of the rolling rhymes 


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