Rolling Rhymes



As I 

Take this time 

To shine 

Light up and ignite  

Some poetic rhymes 

That I do all the time 

Original pieces 

That increases 

Over the page  

As I engage  

With each line 

Gathered from artistic thoughts 

Inside of mine 

And always on my poetic grind 

As many will find 

With just one look into my eyes 

And the many works written 

That comprise of me 

Embracing this thing called poetry 

Writing for all to see 

Honoring the literary 

Spitting lyrically 

Setting fire to my writing 

Bringing hope and being inviting 

Curving crying 

With reoccurring interest 

That will produce smiling 

Evoke further likings 

Of my work 

Moving with a purpose 

During my time on Earth 

Promote my writings 

And be the antidote 

In a world so sore 

For this is one of many reasons 

That I write even more 

Pulling poetry from within 

My central core 

As I adore poetry 

And poetry surrounds me 

Daily and nightly 

And with many more to come 

For poetry and me 

Will never be done 

Deeper meanings  

And not just purely and sorely for fun 

Beyond a hobby as I lobby 

For me and poetry 

To completely soar 

High above and cruise the ocean floors 

As it opened the very door 

To so much more 

And being much bigger than me 

As I’m trying to keep pace 

In a never-ending race 

As I enjoy every minute 

And never feels like a task or chore 

For I adore 

And pour 



Never a bore 

Don’t keep score 

And will continue to do this 

Until I can’t anymore 

The open window 

With a closed door 

For poetry is home 

And ready to take on 

Even more 

And don’t mind 

Going at it alone 

For poetry is right 

And never anything wrong 

For I am prone 

To continue to hone 

This talent and craft 

For poetry at one time 

Was a life raft 

That helped brought me back 

After many unfair attacks 

From people and life, itself 

And at one time 

I stepped back from poetry 

And allowed it to sit on the shelf 

But never again 

As I  

Begin to set off 

A new and ongoing poetic trend 

From beginning to end 

As I lend 

My words to the page 

And engage with every line  

That is written many ways 

Forming titles after many days 

And enjoying each poetic piece 

As they take shape 


And at all times 

Combine and compile 

For a just a little while 

And on my poetic grind 

Right here and now 

With rolling rhymes 


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