The Poetry Scene



To all who will give a look

And also read

But even more so

Enjoy the company

Of a poet creating

A poetry scene

As poetry leans and intervenes

Inside the mind and heart of a poet

For if they never shared their work

You’d never know it

To be expressive and bold

Is a prerequisite to be welcomed

Into the poetic fold

The spoken and unspoken

The warm and cold

Opening the curtains and setting the stage

Yet frequently engage

With a grand audience

Open to interpretation

So, doesn’t always have to make sense

For poetry is art

And art is poetry

The roots to the poetic tree

And the very air that a poet breathes

Writing and exerting

Spending and rendering many works of art

Over a period of time

That hopes to only light and shine

Before a world full of eyes

And not be denied

But rather accepted and appreciated

For what it is at all times

Because a lot of effort goes into

What a poet says and do

Creating and conjuring up works and pieces

That are meant to be displayed always

And enjoyed right in front of you

But some poets never share

Or hit the scene

For it takes courage and bravery

To do what we do

For it may seem like very little to you

But the power of words takes time

To mold and shape just right

With every single word and line

Wearing a thick skin

To criticisms alike

Yet hold on to optimism

For in our hearts

We know this is right

For we think and we write

And pen many more renditions

No matter the conditions

Whether accepted or with opposition

For we have been placed

In a very unique position

For poetry we live and breathe

And therefore is always our mission

For we were commissioned

To do this here

And without hesitation or fear

The black

The white

And the middle ground of gray

Whether written or spoken

Read or recited

We will always have a lot to say

And felt constantly

As poetry can be

Very therapeutic and serene

So, want you join us

At the poetry scene


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