A Poem For Poets



Keep on writing

Keep up the expressions

Keep that fire and passion

And don’t be ashamed ever

To display your essence

The ups and downs

Mistakes and lessons

Fight on poets

For you are more important

Than you know

For we must live and carry on

In order to have more growth

When it comes to poetry

For it is the root

And we are the tree

It is the branch

And we are the leaves

Never give up or quit

Even though at times it seems

Like you’re not making a difference

But if even one piece

One word

One line

That you wrote or spoke

Changed or touched even one life

Then it always worth it

And must spend time

When it comes to this art and craft

To harness and develop it even more

For the aftermath of your works

Must always indicate

Just where exactly you stand at

No matter the night or day

For poetry has a presence and a voice

Both now and always

For you made the choice

To speak and write

What you feel and say

So never lose the fire within

And keep on writing

Until you run out of ink

And even then, just grab another pen

Just start all over again

And write to your heart’s content

Until the very end

For you are poetry

And poetry is you

As this very poem is a tribute

To what you are and do


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