Mental Atmosphere

The followup to the poem “The Desert Hour”


Going through a storm 
Well pass the norm 
And feeling like their going  
At life alone 
With hurt and fear 
For they reside and are staying put 
In the very place  
That they need not call home 
As this will not bring them 
Back here  
If they stay there too long 




Depression is a serious thing 

And the damage to a person 

That it also brings 

A storm inside the mind  

With a tornado inside of the heart 

As one feels torn apart 

And stripped away one layer at a time 

Down each hour 

Down each minute 

Down each second 

Feeling alone and trapped in a dark tower 

Feeling useless and mind trapped 

In a basement 

Losing themselves and going through  

A hard time over and over  

And feeling like a broken record 

That is stuck on repeat 

Yet feeling drained and miserable 

From head to feet 

Feet to head 

And for some  

That can’t find a reason to live on 

Or stay alive 

For they can go away too deep inside 

And would rather be dead 

Than to spend another minute 

In this chaotic abyss 

While others want to live 

But feel they have nothing  

To show for or give 

And just can’t seem to find their way 

Or things not falling into place 

As they needed it to 

Dealing with the same old 

And nothing new 

For there are more than a few 

In the world that are going through this 

For I hope they can find peace 

And not add further to the list 

Just so many suffering from this 

And more than likely 

We all know someone whose 

Probably going through this 

Right now, as we speak 

Right in this very moment 

Feeling that they have misstepped life 

At every turn and feeling 

Very bent and their heart has a dent 

Or maybe even a hole 

For they are too ashamed to reach out 

And just don’t want anyone to know 

For they are hurting so badly 

Down deep into their soul 

As life for them is on standstill 

And nothing good seems to unfold 

They also believe that 

No one would truly understand 

And depression can be had 

By both woman and man 

As this could hit anyone 

Not something that easy to get past 

And certainly not fun 

For this is something  

To not even wish on anyone 

Because even the mere thought  

And feel of this 

Can make and push a person 

To the point that life is done 

For if you know a person 

Suffering from this 

Take the time to reach out to them 

Very rare and slim that most will reach out 

To seek help or guidance 

Or even think to take this route 

Some may never admit 

To even having such an issue 

As people like this will be hard to gage 

For they have to want change 

And find the strength to seek it out 

For this is far better 

Than feeling like there is no way out 

For they seem fine and okay 

But looks can be deceiving 

As they appear 

For this is a person 

In the middle of a fierce and severe storm 

And need to get their head back right 

Pick themselves up and continue to fight 

For both their very breath and life 

Not later but now and right here 

For its time that they rearrange 

Their mental atmosphere 


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