An uncertain belief

A supposition if you will

Placing one in a position

Where the truth of reality

Continues to allude them still

As many things over time

Have shown this to be real

Believing something is true

With no real evidence at all

And have become more than comfortable

Along with complacent

With the stumble and fall

Being infatuated and enthralled

By complete and utter falsehoods

Programming and deception

Indoctrination and misdirection

Which in turn has made many

A prisoner with their own body and mind

And defy and deny

Anything that challenges this

Or makes you have to actually think

And really use the mind

About the situation or environment at hand

For this is affecting millions

Both woman and man

Girl and boy

And truly stripping and tearing away

At the very real joy one could have

Just by leaving this idealism behind

And truly being open in both mind and heart

For you don’t have to stay forever

Where your life got its start

You don’t have to stay only with

The things you’ve learned so far

For we at times

Truly have to step outside

Of our comfort zone

And also, be willing to stand alone

When it comes to the truth

And be more than willing

To leave and put aside

All that resides with you

No, it won’t be easy

No, it won’t be a cake walk

But life can be full of challenges

And can’t be afraid to take them on

For through this as well

We learn valuable life lessons

But if you unable or unwilling

To ever take any risks

Then you will truly have nothing

To show and speak of

For you must seek the truth and answers

To questions that can only come from

The One above

And stop settling and being so comfortable

In that driver’s glove

Gripping the steering wheel and taking you

In the opposite direction

Of where you need to go

Being too comfortable with letting someone else

Do all of your driving

When instead you need to take the wheel

And pilot your own vehicle

Heading to a place where more can be revealed

To you and fill in the gaps

Of things that have been hidden

And unbeknownst to you

Ask more questions

Do your own research

Come out of your shell

For you have other options

But only if you’re willing

To actually go there

And surround yourself

With like-minded people

That see you as an equal

And not afraid to show and tell you the truth

All while feeling comfortable

Reaching out to you

Be open minded

Instead of just outright rejecting something

Just because it’s feels and sounds

Looks and appears different

Than what you know and have been taught

At least take a real look at

What has been presented and brought

And not resent it

But rather consider it a gift

And that they thought enough of you

To share this instead of staying tight lipped

And keeping it all to themselves

Leave the scanty thoughts behind

Walk away from conjecture

Run away from things that cannot be proven

And run towards those that can be

Not just based in theories and lies

For when you embrace the truth

That is when you will become free

And began to feel more alive

To finally see the world

As it really is

And not just the view

That has been fed and pressed into your mind

Just because it sounds and looks good

Doesn’t mean that it is

Use common sense and discernment

And in doing so

Much more will be revealed

As you will see life

Through a brand-new set of eyes

Watch as you begin to truly rise

Instead of going further away inside

And believing anything you’re shown

In the past and currently

On the outside

As you have now outgrown

The old you

That lived your entire life

In misconception and surmise


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