To that which does not exist

The abandonment of values and knowledge

That continues to persist and resist

The true reality

And missing the very point

Along with the vitality of mere existence

Living in a world without true purpose and meaning

When in fact this is quite the opposite

But this belief is quite strong in nature

Nothing with any true meaning

Actually, exists in the mind

And having this belief over time

Living a life of lies and unbelief

That has paralyzed one’s grip on

Faith, hope, and reality

Seeing nothing and believing nothing

When this is quite the contrary

As life often varies

Every single day and moment

The lack of and the denialism

Towards the meaningful aspects of life

Living in the unknown and the unaccepted

That life itself is nothing special

Nor has any significance to speak of

As these types of people

Obviously haven’t looked to the One above

Giving life and all things meaning and purpose

Both underneath and on top of the surface

Our very home and world

Has even been made into nothing significant

Just something that exists and nothing else

Time to take a hard right and leave the left

Time to embrace that which is true

Time to accept that through faith and hope

That all things are possible

As you open your mind and heart to this

More than just a set of concept and theories

Which seems to run our lives

But this was not always the case

Since the beginning of existence and time

Just five hundred years ago was one

Very well-known fact

And a thousand years before that

Where unbelief wasn’t present

And denialism didn’t take place so easily

The world wasn’t ruled by cognitive dissonance

And indoctrination

Pushing constant deceptions and falsehoods

Causing worldwide mental subjugation

For we must get back to critical thinking

We must get back to using nature and our senses

Now later on but this instant

And rule out the idea and thoughts

Beliefs and actions

That there is no importance anywhere

Whether it be us or this world

Or we will continue to hurl ourselves

Into an unknown abyss

Filled with confusion and the lack of

Vital information that indeed affects

Our very lives within every moment in time

And not simply believe everything thrown at you

Yet calling it true

Without further thought or research

Because most people would rather be

Spoon fed everything

And we cannot even fathom

All of the damage and catastrophe

This continues to bring

But from the seen and unseen

The heard and unheard

The felt and unfelt

The spoken and unspoken

Knowledge is possible

Reality does exist

The impossible is possible

If you can just open your mind and hearts

Completely to this

And truly accept as realism

For we can no longer afford

To live in a world

Filled with nihilism


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