Of The Poetic Variety



I can be a variety of things

When it comes to poetry

Launching myself to literary places unknown

Taking flight lyrically

And soaring high above

What is subject and prone

The interpretation that resides

Within a mix and in between the gray

Of black and white all along

Reality and duality

Imagination and creativity

That enhance the areas of me

That seek to be

The best poet that lies within me

For with poetry

I can run at the speed of sound

And travel to tranquil places

Where I cannot be found

As poetry and me abound

And sending out poetic shockwaves

For miles around

For through poetry

I will not be let down

Or come down

From the great height

That it has taken me to

For the flag has been planted firmly

From above the mountain view

Writing and taking on different styles and forms

For poetry is the very thing

That keeps my heart warm

As I share and allow

My words and lines to swarm

And sound a hopeful alarm

All around the world

Even though I am the quiet storm

That takes me into the air

And set them down on ground

And not just anywhere

But on a solid area that abides with

Much passion and care

Artistically and critically

Making my many works aware

As I dare to be bold

And never undersold

As poetry as a whole

Welcomed me long ago

To the world of art

And the creative fold

To be expressive and shed light

On the entire world

Both near and far

To hurl and twirl the power of words

To touch many no matter where they are

Leaving behind a legacy

For all to witness

Experience and see

For I am of

The poetic variety


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