Watch me closely

And excuse me

As I levitate right here

Floating and holding

As I appear

Right over the ground I cover

Pulling energy from within

And causing myself

To take to the air and hover

Requiring focused concentration

Feeling my body take on

Another source and energy

And my personal take on levitation

Harnessing the ambient energy

In and around me

For all to witness and see

Causing me

To keep on writing and living

Breathing and moving

With more poetical creations

Embracing and the acceptance of

Sonic vibrations

Anticipating and foreshadowing

The poetic future and other life events

Meaningful and eventual

As I arrive and then went

All of the time and energy spent

And being the very resident

Of this thing called poetry

That is allowing me to be

And taking other shapes and forms

Well beyond the norm

The quiet storm that lies overhead

Hovering over where I have tread

A poetic carrier

With no limits or barriers

As I glide into

The literary universe

The lyrical gift and curse

That I did more than just

Stumbled into

For poetry and I

Have become one

And sending shockwaves

Over all of you

As this is the path

That I gladly choose

And very ecstatic

To walk in these shoes

Hovering and covering the point

Beyond what I choose

Finding myself levitating

Through the process of evolution

And coming to the finest conclusion

That this is very much real

And no delusion

As I often times feel in seclusion

And misunderstood

As I fly and float

Over the woods

Where some may feel lost

Gliding away and heading across

As I’m suspended in the air

And plan to levitate everywhere

Held aloft without mechanical support

And from a stable position

Feeling this power and sensation

From every rendition

And continuing vast repetition

Of the poetic and artistic variety

And always vying to blast off

Where I don’t know the meaning

Of the word lost

Due to much fire and dedication

So, watch me as I

On every occasion

Display and relay

Within the artistic system

And various interpretation

Manifesting and creating

Poetic levitation



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