The Viper

The Beast, The Legend, The Icon….




Venomous and vigorous 

As a car can be 

Vivacious and vicious 

And does this effortlessly 

Brutal and lively 

Vibrant and fiery 

And the closest thing 

To a fire breathing dragon on four wheels 

For you must keep it tame 

Anytime it’s not sitting still 

A vehicle in animal form 

Bypasses the norm 

The whirlwind and the storm 

With a very distinct sound and noise 

With such presence and poise 

That sets off many alarms 

The tornado that tears down the barn 

Lighting streets and tracks and fire 

And with a such brute force 

So, before you grab the wheel 

You have been warned 

The one car that if you are afraid 

Then never open the door 

And let it out of its cage 

For this is a car this is only for 

The bold and the brave 

For its one car that will misbehave 

Much fun will be had 

But only if you show it much respect 

With every twist and turn 

From right to left 

To run flat out 

So just hang on and don’t hold your breath 

Very fast and on the prowl 

And sounds off each time 

With that V10 growl 

Tire peeling and squealing 

And draws many looks and crowds 

A beast as a piece of art 

And has been one from the very start 

Even still as it came and went 

For this is the definition of a car 

As a blunt instrument 

Curvy and wide 

Low and with a wild ride 

An adrenaline rush with every drive 

Entices outside 

And appeals inside 

Grabbing the attention of many eyes 

Commanding the ears of everyone to hear 

Earth shattering vibrations 

When one is near 

Roaring and snarling 

With each rev 

For this car will give you  

And leave you with an experience 

Not felt anywhere else 

And when it moves 

Don’t blink in that moment 

Or you will only see a blur 

Because this is just one view  

As many others have occurred 

Witnessed from the smoking pavement 

That describes the Dodge Viper 


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